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{mosimage}A friend forwarded me an article by Tavleen Singh titled A dark distorted hinduism. Was never a big fan of Tavleen Singh ever since she started referring to Jayalalitha only as "the big lady down south". A responsible journalist does not do that to a Chief Minister, even an unpopular one

{mosimage}This year has been one more bad year for Mumbai. Even before the monsoons stopped lashing, the 'gory' terrorist activities had claimed about 180 lives and injuring more than 600 people. It was a sheer act of cowardice from the part of terrorists to plant bombs in the first class compartments of trains. No terrorist outfit had claimed claimed responsibility for this and no intentions behind these blasts had been given out. But if it was to create a disharmony between the community, if the intention was to shock the financial nerve of India and slacken down the spirits, then the brains behind this are mistaken. A letter from Mumbaiker, the citizen of Mumbai, proudly claim themselves, is a testimony of the rock strong attitude of Mumbai... This is a letter that touched me to the core..

{mosimage}Meera Jasmine and controversies go hand-in-hand. The latest to rock the state is Meera’s secret visit to the famous Raja Rajaeswari temple in Taliparamba near Kannur in Kerala along with Govindan Kutty a producer and devotee of that temple where non-Hindus are not allowed. Meera, a Syrian Christian and a Marthomite from Tiruvalla has not only entered and prayed at the temple but also conducted a special pooja under her name and astrological star Visakham! Remember that this temple is very famous ever since former Chief Minster of Tamilnadu Jayalaithaa visited and did the same Pooja. This special Pooja is done to get your wishes granted.

{mosimage}"I was afraid that by observing objects with my eyes and trying to comprehend them with each of my other senses I might blind my soul altogether." - Socrates

What do we do during our difficult times? Well, whatever we do, I think there will be only two categories that we will eventually fall into.

1. Those who try to find out what really is going on.

2. Those who end up doing nothing constructive.

{mosimage}Sometimes back in a survey I read that almost 25% of the couples have sex on car while going on a long drive, can you imagine that this happens in Indian roads? The fact was ecstatic. It is titillating na to have sex on a different atmosphere - other than the regular bed and inside four walls. I did a small "research" on how to.... (romba mukkiyam?) and am pleased to present the "methods" before you. Hope this makes an interestin reading for all of you. If you make any attempt on it, do it at your own risk, don't blame on me in case of any mishaps, give me all credits in case of a memorable experience.