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Click the image to read furtherAfter all the recent controversies that has surrounded him, False God man Nithyananda has added fuel to the fire saying that he has decided to act on films from now on along with being a false god man as usual. Mr. Nityananda said to a packed media that “I am going to jump into acting bandwagon. I have already gained more popularity because of the video episode. People who saw me in that video has told I look smarter than Ajith which I feel very proud of. Moreover I am not afraid of facing cameras as you saw in the recent video. So I am entering Kollywood to give a run for stars like Rajini Kanth, Kamal Hasan etc” smiled Nithu.

Sun Pictures who produced the recent blockbuster of Nityananda has decided to produce the movie which Nithyananda will act. Kalanidhi Maran quoted that “If you correctly look at the charts, the number of shows that Nityanada movie ran in sun news was more than the number of shows our own Theeratha Vilayatu Pillai ran at cinema theatres. That shows Nityananda popularity. We are so proud to produce this movie. The biggest challenge will be to make this new movie a bigger hit than Nityananda current video. We know its tough because if you correctly see the current Nityananda movie is the most popular movie of 2010 till now. Such is the craze of Nityananda”.

Film expert Madhan predicts sun pictures are taking a tough route. “Its tough to give consecutive hits. Now the expectations are huge for Nityanada’s new movie given his previous movie is a massive hit all across the world. The only way sun pictures can make this movie a hit can be done by making S.J.Suryah direct the movie. Otherwise it’s tough. Nitu first movie is a challenge for even oscar winning movies to match”. Meanwhile CEO of Google Eric was shocked to hear this new name. Eric told that “Who is this Nityananda???This name has the most hits in google for the past 5 days. He has even eclipsed the record that Anna Kournikova has set!!!! I hope Indian government recognizes him by giving Padmashri award” taking a dig at Padma shri award of India.

Meanwhile devotees of Nityananda are in deep search for a nick name for their hero. “How about Silmishananda??” sounded a man who resembled Arya of Naan Kadavul. Or how about “Silmisha Thalapathi??” asked another devotee. NDTV Imagine who makes stupid reality shows out of nothing jumped into this hot news by launching a new reality show “Nitu junior”. “Now that Nityananda has gone to movies we are launching a new reality show to identify the next Nityananda. The eligibility criteria are that the participants should be between 20 to 35 years old and must have a photogenic face just like Nityananda had in his video shoot!!!We have already received around 1 lakh nomination forms after seeing the way Nityananda rose to popularity through the video shoot” smiled CEO of NDTV imagine.

L’O Real has signed a new contract with Nityananda as their new brand ambassador. The spokesperson of L’O Real told that “We are replacing Aishwarya Rai with Nityananda as our brand ambassador. Now that Nityananda has jumped to movies am sure there will be many trying to sign him as brand ambassador. So we have rushed for his signature. His long hair is more beautiful than what Aishwarya Rai had!!!!!We hope people start using L’O Real to get super hair like Nityananda!!!”. IPL chief commisioner was forced to accept defeat for the first time. Lalit Modi told “We thought IPL will be the most watched video in You Tube when we signed the contract. But we are wrong. Nityananda video has been the most watched video of You tube ever!!!Such has been the craze of Nityananda that we accept defeat in this”.

When asked about this to our in house expert Mr.S.A.Chandrashekar he told “This is unfair. Will anyone accept if my son becomes God man now???That’s the same here. This guy looks like he will give a run for money to all heroes. I think he even has the capability of shattering my dream to make my son the chief minister of Tamil nadu. I hope the government blocks this. If not I ll make my son a Godman!!!!I am sending the nomination to NDTV imagine” signed off a frustrated S.A.Chandrashekar.

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Somu works for a leading IT company and is based in Chennai. In his own words he is "Never a serious thinker. Love chatting. Big fan of many tamil super stars like Murali, Rajkiran, Ramarajan and ofcourse TR. Like Vijay Antony Music the most as I can hear all the songs from various albums in this music alone and also a big fan of Arun Lal as I found he is the only person who speaks more nonsense than me!!!!"

I came to know about his writing skills through our company's internal blog and since then he is my stress buster. Whenever I am stressed I just read a couple of his blogs randomly and I am back to normalcy. When I asked him why he was not maintaining these posts in internet for world wide audiences, he said that he had bitter experience of somebody else copying his works and posting in their name. Quite obvious... this man's posts are irresistable to own. I hope to see Somu on the internet soon. Till then I am happy to bring out his posts as guest submissions in my site.

Somu can be reached at sksrajan (at) gmail (dot) com