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Shreya SaranDebate raised to the core on yesterday’s parliament session on the topic of who should be sent to Pakistan for peace talks between India and Pakistan. Congress has nominated South Indian actress Shreya to resolve this issue. Sonia Gandhi told the house that "After watching the movie Kutti we were impressed that Shreya should be sent to Pakistan for peace talks. The way she handled the tension of love between 2 guys in that movie is amazing. The decision was made immediately after she delivered the dialogue ‘ENNAKU KUTTI VENUM’. That is one of the best dialogue I ve ever seen in the movie. Similarly we hope she can go to Pakistan PM Gillani and ask him ‘ENAKU KASHMIR VENUM’ thereby getting entire Kashmir for India.

Opposition party BJP as usual were against this move. Mr.L.K.Advani was of the view “I think Congress has some kind of memory loss. I think the best dialogue to convince Pakistan is the one used by Prabhu in Chandramukhi which is ofcourse ‘ENNA KODUMAI SARAVANAN ITHU??’. And the way Prabhu shows the expression on his face is one of the fantastic piece of acting I ve ever seen. Imagine Prabhu with all this facial expression asks Gillani ‘ENNA KODUMAI GILLANI ITHU???’. I am sure Pakistan will give complete part of Kashmir to India. Prabhu’s facial expression is the best way to attack Pakistan than using any arms to attack them”. He left the place to attack India Prime Minister Sonia Gandhi with the same kind of facial expression!!!!!!

Noted political critic Cho Ramaswamy was of the view that India should use Prabhu dialogue. Mr.Cho was quoted as saying “This is the most famous dialogue ever in Tamil movie. This is the dialogue which has 11500 hits in google while ‘ENAKU KUTI VENUM’ has no hits. Also there is community in orkut. And to top it all there is even a wikipedia link for this. The URL is And don’t underestimate Prabhu facial expression. It will surely knock Gillani down as there is so much emotion on his face. So for me it should be ‘ENNA KODUMAI GILLANI ITHU’”.

Shreya who was been the hot topic of discussion in all the news channels due to this famous dialogue was equally elated. She told the media that “I am just too excited to hear that I am the hot topic in this country. As usual I did nothing in this movie. But its been great when people recognize your effort. This is one of the toughest dialogues in my film career. I reduced 15 kgs for this dialogue. I hope this dialogue fetches me the golden globe too. Its great to see hard work getting rewarded” thereby summing up how some cine actors boast for doing nothing good.

Prabhu’s brother Mr.Ramkumar was involved in complete campaign to promote ‘ENNA KODUMAI GILLANI ITHU’. He said that “Still now whenever people say Chandramukhi, the first thing that comes to mind is the dialogue by my brother. None remembers Rajini or Jyothika performance in the movie. Such is the effect of dialogue. We are making a march on all across India to spread the awareness of this famous dialogue that is going to shake the world in few years time. Imagine Obama saying ‘ENNA KODUMAI SARAVANAN ITHU’ after getting his noble peace prize” winked Ram thereby continuing his march along with 1000 followers all shouting ‘ENNA KODUMAI SARAVANAN ITHU’.

Future President of US, S.A.Chandrashekar also aired his views. He told “I accept that ‘ENNA KODUMAI GILLANI ITHU’ and ‘ENAKU KASHMIR VENUM’ are very good dialogues. But imagine if my son goes and tells his Ghilli punch dialogue to Gillani like ‘INDA AREA, ANDA AREA, INDA IDAM, ANDA IDAM ALL AREA OF KASHMIR INDIA KU THAAN DA’. Sounds cool na!!!Government is afraid that my son will soon become Prime Minister of India. So as usual they are not recognizing his efforts. But that does not bother us. We are thinking of contesting in US elections thereby going global” thereby revealing his future plan of his family to torture the whole world soon!!

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Somu works for a leading IT company and is based in Chennai. In his own words he is "Never a serious thinker. Love chatting. Big fan of many tamil super stars like Murali, Rajkiran, Ramarajan and ofcourse TR. Like Vijay Antony Music the most as I can hear all the songs from various albums in this music alone and also a big fan of Arun Lal as I found he is the only person who speaks more nonsense than me!!!!"

I came to know about his writing skills through our company's internal blog and since then he is my stress buster. Whenever I am stressed I just read a couple of his blogs randomly and I am back to normalcy. When I asked him why he was not maintaining these posts in internet for world wide audiences, he said that he had bitter experience of somebody else copying his works and posting in their name. Quite obvious... this man's posts are irresistable to own. I hope to see Somu on the internet soon. Till then I am happy to bring out his posts as guest submissions in my site.

Somu can be reached at sksrajan (at) gmail (dot) com

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