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Bhangamne Tech ParkAtlast the stage had been set for Bangalore for the forthcoming drama episodes in my life. Today I reported to my new office in Bangalore. May be because this is my third IT job in 3 years, there is not much of excitement or getting carried over by the introduction Powerpoint presentations shown in the induction sessions. The new place, new job and new people... creates a sense of anxiety. The coming days are a litmus test for me as I have learnt in experience that it is the early image that stays forever in the working place. On the personal front, I am missing Aadhi very much and looking forward for the 25th Jan 2010, on which we have planned to move to our new flat. After all, atleast for me, life is all about changes and coping with them. Funnily the Bangalore starts and ends with that single Domlur road for me... It is here I stayed during my POC developing stint with SAP, I did POS training at Dexler, where Akila had lived and came to pick/pack her, now it is in the end of this road I had bought my new flat and I have been put up for 2 weeks guest house accomodation.... Everything is happening in the same road that I can't think beyond that for Bangalore. - {oshits} reads.

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