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VijayakrishnanIt was quite surprisingly shocking to catch up Vijay outside my office today. Vijay is on vacation to Chennai and we were supposed to meet for the first time tommorrow. But Vijay wanted to drop in to my office surprisingly and I caught him surprisingly on the road outside our office. It was a sheer co-incidence that I came down for tea while he was approaching our office. Initially I was wondering that I had seen this guy somewhere and then it rang the bell that it is Vijay. Ah... For how long I had been waiting for this day and what are all the things we had planned for our first meeting? Our meeting went on fine and I was really surprised when his family (wife Meera and daughter Samyuktha) recognised me immediately. It was a very nice feeling meeting them because not many people whom I had met online had taken me to their home. In that way I feel my wait for meeting Vijay is worthwhile. I am unable to get closer to his kid Adarsh because of the language problem (they speak Kannada and I am a Kannada illiterate). It is quite ironical that by the time he had landed in Chennai I am moving to Bangalore so we couldn't meet often. Anyway it the quality of the time we spend togther that matters rather than the quantity. I always used to say that Vijay is a darling and from the interaction I had with him & family, I have enough reasons to believe that he'll be one always for me.

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