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PrithvirajSometimes being just good looking or even talented won't work in films. There is other element called "Luck" along with "diplomatic" behaviours. Prithviraj, son of late veteran actor Sukumaran entered the movies with the critically acclaimed box-office hit "Nandhanam". Even though this took a while to release, Prithvi had become a hottest kid on the block then. He was always the favourite for media. On his debut, he was termed as "hottest hunk" of Kerala, then the same media started pitting him against the established stars.


Prithvi's first theatrical release was "Nakshatra Kannulla Rajakumaran…" opposite to Gayathri Raghuram. The movie was a flop, but his second release "Violence" gave him an action hero image, which most of the newcomers get after many films only. His debut movie "Nandhanam" saw lights after this only and Prithvi got a romantic hero image too. But it was Navya Nair, who gave a stellar performance as Balamani, walked away with all accolades and awards. The on-screen chemistry between Navya and Prithvi was terrific that gossip mills started working overtime to find about their whereabouts.

PrithvirajThe romantic hero image started working too much that Prithvi was a certified casanova in Malayalam filmdom. He is said to be making passes to every girl he is working with. Meera Jasmine, Navya Nair and Kavya Madhavan who worked with him were foddering the gossip mills. He was held responsible for the fight between Meera Jasmine and Navya Nair, as a fight for their lover boy. Prithvi managed to be in the limelight for all wrong reasons. His movies fell flat at the box-office. Much hyped "Vellithira" that projected him as next action hero of Malayalam cinema bit the dust. Yet Prithvi's sultry suave image even in multi-starrers like "Swapnakoodu" and "don't-care" attitude kept him going on. Then started the trouble phase for Prithvi.

During the Malayalam Film industry strike, Prithviraj was one of the few stars who took the producer's side against ruling body AMMA. This caused so much of bad blood between the directors, co-actors and all started distancing Prithvi. He was dropped unceremoniously from the projects at the "n"th hour and was replaced by lesser known TV artistes. Then with the intervention of his mother, who tried to cash on the goodwill of her husband, things were claimed to settle behind closed door. Yet Prithvi was waiting for a comeback.

PrithvirajHis friend and director Vinayan, with whom Prithvi had worked in movies like "Meerayude Dukhavum, Muthuvinde Swapnamum" (a rip-off of "Porkaalam") and "Velli Nakshatram", launched him back in style as a Police officer in "Satyam". Prithvi with his well-toned body and masculine figure proved that apart from Mamooty and Suresh Gopi, he is the only actor who could don the police officer role convincingly. Yet the media underplayed the success of this movie conspicuously. Again Prithvi was left without any takers.

Vinayan came forward to save him again with the movie "Arputha Theevu", loosely based on the novel Gulliver's Travel. He dropped the original choice Jayasurya to take Prithvi. But the movie sank from the day one making the hay day for his detractors.

Prithvi was forced to look for job elsewhere. Prashanth, who agreed to do the cinematographer K.V Anand's debut directorial venture "Kana Kandenadi" along with Srikanth & Gopika, backed out at the last moment saying that he wont do a negative role. Prithvi being with no image in Tamil, stepped in as a negative character. Previously Prashanth created his own monster by refusing Rajeev menon's "Kandukondein Kandukondein" which eventually went to Ajith, that salvaged his otherwise diminishing career. If history repeats, then one can find Prithvi joining the league of bankable stars in tamil.

This bold move opened doors for Prithvi. He is now doing his second movie in Tamil, Saran's "Idhaya Thirudan" along with "Jeyam" Ravi and a debutante heroine. This movie is being produced by veteran K.Balachander.

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