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{mosimage}After I came to this project I was introduced to many of the core team members in this company. Of which I got instantly attracted to two guys, for the reasons unknown to me even. The term 'attracted' sound crude but somehere there was an instant familiarity. They were Sijo and Jishore, the unconventional naming convention itself mighht have given away their race... ha! ha! Bonding with Sijo was a breeze as we yakked and yakked in malayalam and we go to room together sometimes in the evenings, but getting Jishore in my way was bit difficult. I used some pranks like sending anonymous messages to him, missed calls etc to get into his memory system. Atlast I took him for lunch last week and while observing him I realised why I got moved towards him.

I have been quite engaged since the start of this week and pressure is mounting day by day. I keep the gtalk open to get notified of the office mails (provided by gmail hosting) but many a times that gives me a distraction, thanks to Suresh and Sekar. So I created the mesaages for them as well as all my friends
But Ananya mistook that the message was for her, so akka created these custom messages to answer me, but I noticed this one only. Ha! A custom messages war...
Quite funny that I couldn't resist posting this online..
{oshits} readers for this gtalkwar

This weekend passed away without much significance. For Thursday night my first choice was strolling in Jhumeira Beach for the whole night, unfortunately there was a sand storm that night, so we had to look for some indoor choices. Then I suggested IBN Batuta Mall in the Sheikh Zayed Road but due to time constraints and the distance factor, we couldn't make it. Finally we, I an Thirumalai, zeroed in on 'Dubai Mall' that was opened 3 months back with the 'World's largest Aquarium". Dubai wanted the world's largest shopping mall and the aquarium, so they constructed 'Dubai Mall'. The place was nothing so great to write about despite having some nice features like a tall waterfall, ice rink for skating and ofcourse this aquarium. Literally the mall was empty by the time we had checked in, so we had a very nice time strolling there as I am somebody who loves lesser crowd. Since Thiru is about to get married soon, a lot of our conversation centered around the marriage life. But next day (Friday) we went to the only temple here in UAE and for me I was there after a long time. I really missed those chaotic Friday temple mornings. Then.... that afternoon we moved to company guest house in International City, which is quite a dull and boring upcoming residential area near Dragon mart in Hatta - Oman road. Let me see what is there in store for us here. - {oshits} reads

It was quite an eventful weekend with few sweet surprises thrown in. First things first... On Thursday I was leaving my workplace quite exhausted by 8:15 p.m, when my cousin called me offering to pick me for Thursday night roundings. We went to Mall of Emirates for strolling. Surprisingly I haven't been there even when I was there during the stay last time. I was stunned at the quality Sony's new DSLR range (Alpha) displayed in the Jumbo Showroom there. I didn't find the 'Mall of Emirates' special from other shopping malls, except that it houses the artificial snow valley in its top floor. They are charging Dhs 250 per person. We were not in a mood to shiver in already cold climate (I forgot to carry my jerkins), so we gave it a skip and no regrets. However I knew that the next day will be happy as I was planning to visit Akka's house at Abu Dhabi.

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