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என்னோட பதிவுகளுக்கு அடியிலே வர்ற profile box-ல "my latest interest is Body building"-னு படிச்சுட்டு நான் இந்நேரத்துக்கு கஜினி சூர்யா மாதிரியோ, துப்பாக்கி வித்யுத் ஜம்வால் மாதிரியோ உடம்பு ஏத்தியிருப்பேன்னு தப்பா நினைச்சுக்காதீங்க (வித்யுத் ஜம்வாலுக்கு அந்த படத்துல உடம்பு காண்பிக்கிற காட்சியே இல்லைங்குறீங்களா? அவன் சட்டைய கழற்றியிருந்தா நம்ம மாட்டு டாக்டர் கதி அதோகதி தான்)... எனக்கு ஈடுபாடு வந்திருக்குன்னு தான் சொன்னேன்.. ஆனா உடம்பு ஏத்திறேன்னு சொல்லலையே. என்னடா இவன் கலைஞர் கருணநிதி "கூட்டணியிலே இடம் இல்லை.. மனதிலே இடம் ஒதுக்கியிருக்கேன்"ன்னு வார்த்தை சதிராட்டம் ஆடுறானேன்னு நினைட்டுக்காதீங்க.. நான் ஜிம்முக்கு (வரைக்கும்)போன கதைகளே சுவாரசியம்.

"It's just goes to show that there's never too late to achieve something in life, if you have that attitude in you.." This is what I believe in body building also (It is another story that I am saying this and keep procrastinate work outs) and today I came across these stories that is really inspiring. They are from Bollywood and ofcourse being in films, they have the compulsion to look good but the underlying point is that you can start work outs at any point of your life. There will be limitations regarding the kind of workout you can do taking your age, metabolism rate and muscles into consideration but you can reach your destination if there is a determination. These stories are for all those who think that fitness regime is for late teens & early 20-s only.

I may not be the glamorous example of fat to fit, but I represent the 99% common people who feel that they are not looking good enough to fit into the kind of dresses they like. Many times I felt that I should give up my desires to fit in those fitting V-neck T-shirts, boot cut jeans because I felt that I don't have any control on my weight. For past couple of years I had been wearing 34" pants even though my waist was crossing 35" uncomfortably tight in the crotch area and myself trying to keep cool. I even thought of "ageing gracefully" by adding still more weight and shifting to Dhoti's, pyjamas bidding an adieu to my jeans, T-shirts with a sigh.

Till 2-3 days back the weather of Dubai was like a seductress... sometimes sizzling and sometimes sandy... It is unusual that there had been rains in March - April, against the regular November - December rainfalls. My friends back home found it hard to believe that we are having rains in Dubai while back home the mercury is soaring. Even though there was hailstorms in Deira, the central part of Dubai, in the International City we didn't have anything of such sort. Just rains. Thankfully we are living in the 10th floor of an apartment, we tend to get a good view of our living area - International City. As usual I just tried to capture some of those moments.. just whatever I get from my room's window. Here for you.

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