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Whenever there is a riot, it leaves scars, bitter memories for the people directly affected. Even for those who are not directly involved, it creates some uneasiness in the personal / professional lives. I am referring to the riots and protests that happened in relation to the Cauvery river and Mullai Periyar river issues that had been going on between the states of Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka for long time.

As usual an another conversation with my sister resulted in this new blog. Since we live in different parts of the worl, we don't catch up for long chats over the phone often. But when we both are in a mood to speak, the conversation lasts no less than 30 minutes, which is longer by my standards. When we were speaking last, we were talking about her school friends who discovered her after so many years in the Facebook. The conversation veered to the topic of staying in hometown for good.

Today a conversation with my sister opened up to an interesting topic on making decisions. I always feel that I hadn't been living my life ever instead I am letting my life strings being pulled by my parents' whims and now the future of my kid is influencing my lifestyle. My parents had been able to live their life on their own terms whether the decisions were right or wrong but lived "their life". But I always felt that I am living others' life, not mine. This is the background of this conversation today.

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