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This year is drawing curtains down and I am looking back this year with fondness. Of the past few years, 2016 was the one that had me sighing with relief. Professionally this year got me into an assignment which I enjoy a lot - a client facing SAP implementation. Despite all the insecurties and bearing the consequences of management's indecisiveness, the end picture was a favourable one for me. So all issues are forgiven. Monetarily this was the best year I ever had and was able to remove the sword hanging over my head, so that I can concentrate on the quality of life / work in the coming years. Personally this year was just for myself so that I was able to do things I wished to do for a longer time. Ofcourse the drama of the year was complete with sentimental emotions like family reunion, my mother's recovery from critical organ failure and the subsequent events... I am moving on to 2017 hoping that it should be atleast as good as 2016. Love & wishes to all of you... Have a wonderful 2017!!!

Oflate the Hindu mythology is going for a makeover in the entertainment scene and it is a welcoming trend. I believe that this trend started with the Amish Tripathy's trilogy "Immortals of Meluha" which was an instant blockbuster in the Indian English Literature and eventually translated into various Indian languages including Tamil. The TV serials followed the trend started by "Mahabharath" that was telecast in Star TV in Hindi and later in all the regional channels. Even though we had other serials like "Devon ki Dev", Star TV's "Mahabharath" was significant in a way that it humanised the characters rather than painting them just Black and White.

My parents were Govt. school teachers in Tamilnadu, so like most of the TN Government employees they were also supporters of DMK. Similarly the group we moved around was also their colleagues, so when I grew up I was made to believe that ADMK, the staunch rival of DMK is a "low level" party mainly supported by uneducated / people from lower strata. Most of the political conversations will end up in the personal attacks of MGR and later J. Jayalalitha. When a woman fights her way through the male bastion of politics, there are also assassination of character. So all put together I was looking down Jayalalitha for a long throughout my school days.

வெளிமாநிலத்திலேயோ இல்லை வெளிநாட்டிலேயோ நாம புதுசா, தனியா இருக்கும்போது நம்மோட தாய்மொழியை கேட்பது தனி சுகம். நான் சிட்னியிலே இருந்தபோ என்னோட ரூம் ஒரு மெயின் ரோட்டை ஒட்டி இருந்தது. ஒரு நாள் சோம்பேறித்தனமாக படுத்துகிடந்தபோது வெளியே சிக்னலில் நிறைய கார்கள் நின்றுக்கொண்டிருந்தது. அப்போது ஏதோ ஒரு காரில் இருந்த வந்த பாடல் சத்தம் எனக்கு முன்னமே கேட்டதாக தோன்றியது. கொஞ்சம் நேரம் போக போக அந்த இசை பிடிபட தொடங்கியது. அது காதல் கோட்டை படத்தில் வந்த  "ஆணழகா.." பாடல். ஆர்வத்தோடு எழுந்து ஜன்னல் வழியாக எட்டிப்பார்த்தேன். ஏதோ ஒரு காரிலிருந்து அந்த பாடல் பயங்கர சத்தமாக ஒலித்துக்கொண்டிருந்தது.

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