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{mosimage}Haiyyada! This is not a movie pitted against Goutham menon's "Chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikalam" nor a take off from a novel. This is all about my experiences in Summer 2006. By God's grace past three summers have been memorable and I am glad that this summer started and ended in a productive note than just being funny or in lighter vein. This summer made a considerable shift in my perspective about Chennai. This summer proved that certain traits are inborn. On the whole this summer went beyond the lighter elements and presented life in a serious fashion.

I have lesser or almost no sweet memories associated with Chennai, which had made me an active Chennai basher. When I enrolled for SAP classes my woes were multiplied by the lack of proper staying place etc., and went to class in a skeptical mood. I was 30 minutes late for the opening class but was not apologetic about it. The attitude was like that I have to keep myself against the ruthless demons of Chennai. Alas! I was wrong. The whole of the batch was a gem and loveable one that immediately I had to break the shell and mingle with them.

The next 30 days that followed it in the SAPIENT College was something I don't want to forget at any point of my life. If the initial tutor Rajesh was about to pour water in our dreams, the next tutor Mr. Mahesh vaidhyanathan made a difference to us in realising our dreams of being an SAP consultant. We were lucky enough to have a tutor like him. Meanwhile a sense of bonding started prevailing among the guys.

{mosimage}Undoubtedly my flavour of the season was BALA. Somewhere the chemistry with him was almost instant and he was instrumental in getting over the gloominess casted by Rajesh's marriage. "Bala Punch Bala aagi SD-kkum, HR-kkum interface poda muyarchithathum, HR batch certification andru Puncture Bala aanathu varalatru sirappu mikka nigazhvugal enil, satrum manam thalaramal PP batch karuppu thangathidam manadhai parikoduthathu thani kathai..." I don't know where this small affair will head to and am just leaving this there and moving back to Abu Dhabi. I believe in this "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back it is yours and if not, it was never meant for you".

The last 3 hours of the course with Certification exam was gruelling. Even though I managed to clear it without great shakes, I have the confidence in doing well in the interviews. Once I exited from the exam hall, I could control the excitement. I was about to cry and we all hugged a lot. I was also sad that all my happy days in SAPIENT College is coming to an end. In the pretext of taking my stationeries, I went into the classroom, fondled my seat and the computer and moved out with a heavy heart. What to do? Life has to move on...

I was missing Thirumurthy Hills very much and was sad that I couldn't make it this time. Fortunately I got a day, took off directly to Thirumurthy Hills and had a good time there. I visited Maasani Amman Kovil on the same day. Later I headed towards my most favourite 'Deivakulam' Kaliamman Kovil and this time I took a walk from Sethumadai. It was a breezy evening and all I saw all the way was the untouched scenic beauty of Pollachi. It made my trip memorable. Thank you kadavule...

Even though this summer I haven't got time to interact with the kids or even participate in my cousin's wedding, it was a memorable summer in a way that it is going to change the course of my life towards my first love - Softwares. Atlast my 12 years prayers are about to be answered. I am in the round corner of a software career. God! I need your blessings and guidances in stepping there.