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{mosimage}Today I sighed a relief that all the hype and hooplah that surrounds the Valentine's Day is finally coming to an end. It was really sick to hear the radios and media screaming love all over since February 1st. Whatever might be the story behind the Valentine's Day, my opinion is is that it is fuelled and foddered by the card manufacturers, florists, music companies and jewellary shops to increase their revenues. More numbers of love affairs an individuals have, more merrier those business men.

{mosimage}I am not against Love and its proposals, but hate the the attrocities in the name of expressing love. I had seen certain cases where the guys propose the girls in February, pick up and fuck in April / May vacations and put the bait for next victim in the next Valentine's Day. I personally subscribe to the opposition & violence by Bal Thackrey against this idiotic celebrations. Bala Saheb, You & Shiv Sena are doing a great job! Keep it up.

Love is such a divine feeling that it should be felt and enjoyed among the protagonists, not something that should be shouted from the roof top or made as an exhibition in public. Valentine's Day celebration may be fine with the foreigners because it derived from their mythology. Also their culture permits the couples expressing their love in public by kissing on the roads, can we allow it in India? If so what is the difference between the dogs that make love in the streets and "cultured" human?

Fortunate that the card manufacturer's other ploy to sell cards in the name of "Friends Day", "Mother's Day" & "Dad's Day", didn't pick up. It is really a horrible thought to think one fine day I giving a card to my mother to say that I love her. It even sounds ridiculous. The people in west are accustomed to mechanised life. They don't have much sentiments like family, thats why living in relationships, divorces, unwed mothers and illicit affairs are prevalent. So they had allotted a day in an year to express love as routine.

But we Indians live our life in emotional vein, so why do we need a day to say our beloved how much we love them? Express your love everyday. After all.... untold love goes unnoticed. Show your love in every gesture. Above all don't ape west blindly. Already the culture in metros are detreiorating due to westernisation. Atleast save something thats left now.