A Foreword: {mosimage}This is not a music review blog. I downloaded the songs of Thambi for only one reason - Vidyasagar. I didn't notice the lyrics for 1-2 times, then suddenly the line "vendaikayin kaambai killi..." caught me because it was novel. Then I heard the whole song for its lyrics. There had been so many nostalgic songs, but this one was with very simple lyrics that everybody could identify with it. Literally it shook me, because most of the lines have happened with me. Not only me, anybody who were from small town / village would have experienced these things. Those lines evoked thousands of memories.

I was much happy when we were in a single room house in early 80's. I have so much of sweet memories of travelling in my father's cycle with my mother in back carrier, myself in the small baby seat that is fitted in the front handbar and my sister seated in the lap of my mother, Sad that we haven't got any photo of that. Infact I never experienced that bliss even when travelling in my father's favourite Enfield bullet or even when I travelled in my bike.

May be our lifestyle was simple we had lot of time to interact between us. One of my friend commented that due to my attitude problem I don't have too many friends. But the truth is I had so close bonding & similiar frequency with my mother and sister that I never had to look out for friends. They spoilt me by accepting me the way I am, so normally I don't go out of my way to get / please friends. While most of the guys went to theatre with gang, I dragged my mother to the theatres to watch movies. If I like any movie which I had seen with friends, second time I used to take my mother. Not all the time were succesful, I made her see "Astitva" at Sony TV and at the end she asked me "What you want to say? Is having sex with a man other than husband is justifiable?", I really got screwed up. Ha! Ha! Life is not all rosy. Now I am fighting to get back my mother from the clutches of mega serials.

After years of modernisation and moving to different places for careers, when we look back, we realise the value of the simplicity of life we had. I always feel why life can never be as simple as 80's? But we can't go back. I fear whether I can be able to give my kids the same pleasure of simple living. Whatever may be, those memories will be surely lying in a corner of our heart. Especially for those who are away from the country, these memories are the healers at the end of the day. Sometimes I feel like throwing everything like money and career aspirations and settle in India back, but what to do, there is something called "keep the kitchens burning" and "climbing up on the ladder of social status".

So whenever I hear any nostalgic songs like this, it pushes me back by few years, but life has to move on.

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