Tisca Chopra

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I came across this video on YouTube from the channel "Kommune India" and this channel is about the people narrating a story from their lives. This story from Tisca Chopra (Priya Aurora of 'I Love India' fame) about the casting couch. Tisca Chopra is a great grand niece of acclaimed writer Kushwant Singh and she is a good blogger, theatre artiste and works with various NGO. The credibility of the story can be questioned and there are various conjectures for the RP in question whether it is Rakesh Roshan and his director assistant son Hrithik Roshan or someone else.... Leaving those things aside, the way she narrates the story for 10 minutes is interesting and holds the listener's attention. The funniest line is "This is what Murphy didn't speak about... When you don't want to hear something, everyone will tell you about it... in great detail... in enormous details" and another friend's experience with a Tamil director "I want the script to penetrate every inch of your body" and director in "Satin maroon lungi"... She speaks about the Outdoor experiences in a lighter vein without darkening them and ends the story with another version of casting couch - gay directors.. So sharing this video for you...