Happy Friendship Day


Being a hardcore introvert, I understand the importance of having right friends because they can change the life course of an individual. Even though the world looks down the introverts and advocates extroverts, being an introvert has some real advantages. One of them is that the people who reach to you is serious about you and the relationship cannot be frivolous. I had a just handful of friends throughout my life and everyone is a friend to remember for valid reasons and I acknowledge their valuable presence in my life on this Friendship day.

In school days R. Ramesh was my close friend and he is the reason for keeping my art interests alive - Clay dolls making, drawing etc. We drifted apart when we moved to different schools and eventually to different towns. I remember Ramesh at this instance.

A friend whom I remember with gratitude at this moment is Prabhushankar whom I owe my IT career to. He got me my first IT job at a juncture when I was giving up my hopes on getting an SAP job. He is my friend, philosopher and guide. At this moment he is making it big into SAP Education & Consulting and my best wishes are always with him.

Another friend Vijayakrishnan is my support system and he had proved his friendship on innumerous occassions. His presence in my life is very strong.. so strong that it almost works like a telepathy because we live in different countries. Whenever I am stressed, distressed or lost and desperately need a shoulder to lean on and cry, there will be a message or call from him with some random questions on computers or internet related. I believe this as divine intervention. I really felt how my son Aadhi feels with me.. he babied me like a school kid when I was with his family. He is one soul I want to be my friend in all the births.

There are some invisible friends in my life who are take care of my cravings to discuss arts & literature. Anything new painting or scribblings or even a blogpost Sandhya makes, she shares it with me. Sathiesh Kumar is someone who I look upto for his creativity. Every of my paintings await for his opinions and I take extra step to show them to him personally.

Happy Friendship Day to all of my friends.

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