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I did watch Kabali on the first day (even though on online) but it was not for a craze on "Thalaivar", but to support the online piracy and rebel againt the unwanted hype by my cousins who behaved as if watching this movie on FDFS is their sole purpose of their existence. But what I saw was refreshing.. The best part of the movie is to watch Rajni playing his age rather than romancing girls of 1/3rd of his age or making funny faces in the name of comedy. It is the high time he should switch to playing such roles like Amitabh Bachchan who reinvented himself followed by the debacles of Mrityudaata, Lal Badshah etc and switched tracks with "Mohabbatein". At that time all the top directors were waiting for this and swarmed him with roles specially written for him like Khakee, Aks, Baghban, Sarkar, Kaante which can't be carried out by anyone else than the AB himself. Watching Rajni emoting in the sequences of searching his wife and the peace in his face when he had got his family back is like return of classic Rajni who shined under the baton of K Balachander or the sensitive Mahendran. Let us leave the actor Rajni to follow his wish of playing suitable roles rather than playing to the gallery of dumb fans... Director PA Ranjit should be applauded for daring to bring out the actor buried inside the Superstar tag. Irrespective of this movie is a flop or hit, the real fans of the actor has something to rejoice at. தலைவருக்குள்ளே இருக்குற நடிகன் வந்துடுடான்னு சொல்லு..