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Bye 20052005 has finally bid a good bye and 2006 has started. Admitted 2006 was a shaky start at my workplace, hope it doesn't augur the way things will happen the coming days.

2005 had so many sweet memories and terrible moments, but when I look back I remember with fondness. 2005 had me in all ways - responsible and wayward, happy and gloomy yet there was a change in personality.

There was an auspicious event in our family which we were anticipating for a while - my sister's marriage. I was never a responsible brother or a dutiful son, but I am more than happy to help my parents atleast financially in the marriage. That way 2005 was a memorable one.

There were some nice people coming in my life, like Bala, my brother-in-law (ende mama), that too with the name I love a lot - B..A..L..A. (Infact I used to call all my friends like Balamurugan, Balakrishnan as Bala only. Mama, I hope I get to name my daughter with another name I love - D..I..V..Y..A) and some more I am very fond of. I got in touch with my good friends Preetha & Gurumurthy again.

2006 had its share of breakups also. Despite my repeated attempts to reach certain friends like Selvaraj, Kalaimani anna and S, they have decided to sever the ties for the reasons best known to them. But Maheshwaran is MAHESHWARAN... Life has to move on. God bless them for all their endeavours.

2005 saw me opening up and there was definitely a change in personality. There creeped in some stealthiness / diplomacy in letting out what I feel & do but an increase in assertiveness to do what I feel like doing. Suddenly there is a feeling that I am living a life with literally no restrictions and filled with so much of happiness.

Everybody says that this is the final happiness I can enjoy as bachelor because all the astrolgers are predicting that I might be getting married by 2006. I don't foresee anything such in 2006. Whatever might happen tommorrow, I am happy this moment.

Previously my friends were my world, now whole world is my friend. I am getting lot of friends through net in cyberspace and all my feelings are expressed as blogs like this....

Unlike 2004 there were not much of travelling, but the experience of my lonely visit to Thirumurthy hills in June 2005 (a week before returning back from vacation) still keeps me happy. Recently when I saw the heavy flood in Thirumurthy temple in the newspaper I really regretted for not being there to enjoy that waterflow.

Materialistically speaking 2005 was memorable because I am driving a car as my conveyance. For someone who is not much intrested towards four wheelers, for someone who never thought of driving a car in life, this is really an altogether new experience.

Literally speaking, 2005 had more of creative satisfaction than any other years. I had a chance to read lot of good books, review lot of good movies and believe me... good books and movies definitely bring in some positive influences and attitudes. I wrote a lot in 2005, something that kept me going through venting out my feelings & ideas with blogs as creative outlet. Still I stand by my decision to shun away TV.

I came a full circle in other language music preferences. I started with Telugu and then moved to Malayalam. The fag end of 2005 saw me returning to Telugu music and movies all again, thanks to that one movie - Ninne Pelladtha. In our office there is a gossip that my shift in preference is because some mallu girl had ditched me. Nice joke!

If Dubai was my favourite destination in 2004, there was a rediscovery of Abu Dhabi, my current living place in 2005. I want to be in Abu Dhabi only as long as I am in UAE. This city had slowly and steadily made into my heart. It was a soothing and calm place that protected & nurtured me like a baby. I love you Abu Dhabi...

In 2004, I was addressed as "Semi Malayali" in my office and 2005 had an image change over into "Pakka Thamizh Guy". I spoke in & about Tamil a lot, whenever got a chance I wrote in Tamil. Towards the end of 2005 my image became a hardcore South Indian with a strong affinity towards regional languages.

In the movies, I became a hardcore fan of "Maestro" Illayaraja, thanks to association with Vaithiyanathan. Regarding girls I started respecting Meera Jasmine while Asin was consolidated as my dream girl,while Vidya Balan stunned me with her sheer actingprowess. I hate that bitch called Nayantara about whom I was crazy in 2004. I haven't seen much of new releases in Tamil as well as Malayalam as both started dishing out crass fares. Ghajini, Chidambarathil Oru Appasamy, Ponniyin Selvan, Parineeta, Achuvinte Amma were something I enjoyed last year.

There was a intresting learning process in scripting language towards website development. There was a lot of digging and learning dirtying my hands (to be precise with MySQL Database manipulation), now I could easily understand the language of a webmaster. Considering that none taught me computers and all were learnt by my own, this is really a rewarding thought.

2005 had some dreams seeded that SHOULD blossom into reality in 2006. All lies in the hands of GOD. I'll write about them in 2007 if they had materialised.