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Like I had mentioned in my previous blog about right people, I have a wonderful friend who always inspires me in arts. He is Sathiesh and used to come up with abstract paintings and strikingly different artifacts whereas I am stuck with the same Tanjore paintings and Kerala Murals. So I used to look up at him for new artifacts and try them. Recently he shared his work made out of Fevicryl Shilpkar - an air drying art clay. This is his work for his newly constructed house. I will try this material soon and share with you all. Till then please take a look at Sathiesh's work for inspiration.

The Lakshmi is made of clay and painted with varnish to give the wooden effect. Sathiesh said that he is planning to put it on the main door of the house. I asked him whether this will survive the weather - direct sunlight and moisture and he said that he had made a Lord Ganesha doll and it is still going on string even after a decade. So I am also planning to make a similar one for my Bangalore flat's main door.

This is the portfolio page of Sathiesh and he can be reached directly through that. -


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