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Of late I had stopped making Tanjore paintings because of my weakness in the area of poster colouring which decides the fate of the painting. After putting so much of efforts in embossing through muck and foil sticking, it is wrenching to see the painting losing its value with bad painting. So I had taken up Kerala mural painting as I am getting more comfortable with acrylic painting. I saw this mural - Vasudevar taking the infant Krishna to his friend Nandhan, who stays in Gokulam located across the river Yamuna on a rainy night and was attracted to it instantly. However I wanted my friend Sathiesh to paint that but since he hadn't started working on it for a long time, I decided to take it. This painting was started in Melbourne during stay at my friend Vijayakrishnan's house, however was completed after 7 months in India. Attached in the gallery is the steps of painting.


Medium: Plywood panel coated with water based primer

Paint: Acrylic Paints (Chrome Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Sap Green, Black, Ivory White and Aquamarine Blue)

Size: 2 ft x 3 ft