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Today I rediscovered a fact.... only if you are in a financially secure space you'll be able to have a control over your professional life. If you are particular about the kind of work you want to do, you definitely need a financial stability to step out of the work you don't enjoy. For a brief period I enjoyed this "in a position to choose". I didn't enjoy the support projects so I quitted and passionately trained the students, when got an opportunity got into implementation. But today I felt the pain of being stuck in the rut but couldn't do anything to get out of it. Had I got that financial stability I would have told the client "Sorry, I am not comfortable. God bless you" and walked out.

Sometimes  the tumults in the personal life make the people to drown themselves into their professions so that they channelise the griefs positively towards the work, making them successful at their workplace. I am not sure how much it can work for many people as many turn towards alcohol, drugs for relief under personal pressure.