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CD Lock

Buttu, even though a dream / breeze to play with, is a nightmare when it comes to working on the desktop when he is around. I use to practise SAP in the evenings or whenever possible, but at that time Buttu will be awake and in the full form. He directly attacks the vulnerable points like the Power switch of UPS, Desktop and the CD Drive eject button. While I can manage the Desktop's "Power" button action in the "Power Options" by setting to "Do nothing" and plaster over the UPC's power button & Restart button, the CD Drive remains the most vulnerable "prey" for him. No matter how much you bully / plead with him, Buttu never heeds to them. Thankfully I came across this small utility "CD Drive Lock" just like the "Monitor Power Off" which I shared with you earlier. Just include it in the "Start Up" group so that the Drive is locked at the moment Windows is on. So you can access your CD / DVD drive for booting purposes. - {oshits} readers would've found this post useful.