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Amar Chitra KathaI lovely call Buttu as "Kapeesh kutty" sometimes because he resembles one of my all time favourite cartoon character. If you are above 30 and having the habit of reading novels in your young age then you might know who "Kapeesh" is. Else you may not be able to identify with my excitement. How many of you know the existence of children books like Ambulimama / Chandamama from Vijaya Combines, and its close rival Balamitra, Rani Comics, Muthu Comics, Poonthalir / Tinkle from Pai House? They were very popular in 1980s and with the advent of TV channels and Cartoon Network, the reading habit if the children were in decline and all the above were closed. However Chandamama was revived by a Mumbai based corporate after 2 years in a different format. Balamitra is dead I believe. Tinkle had relauched itself with Animation and digital copies along with the regular Amar Chitra Katha titles. {sidebar id=2} Today whatever I am, those Ambulimama and ACK played a great role in shaping me up in my formative days. Whatever English I know, is because of reading Chandamama in school days. I was disappointed when I learnt that Chandamama and its contemporaries had their shutters down. I am yet to get accustomed to the newly revived Chandamama format. When I was browsing online for Amar Chitra Kadha Comics, I found that many people of my intrest had scanned and uploaded the ACK titles. Again it was disappointing to see that blog is also closed. So to keep those novels live, I have decided to collect the links, torrents related to them and index them in my Library pages. Expect the titles of Amar Chitra Katha soon in My Library. Already I have ordered a collection online for Buttu. BTW - Kapeesh is a lovable small monkey with a tail expanding and contracting whenever it wishes.