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Two States of my marriageWhat happens when your the film rights of your earlier books were lapped up instantly? You concieve your subsequent novels as movies itself. That's what has happened with Chetan Bhagat. Since his ONACC & Five Point Someone had been adapted as movies and with '3MOML' being converted into screenplay, Chetan's next novel had become "Bollywood" ready. Seems like Chetan will incorporate romantic songs into his next novel making it "screen" ready. The love story of a Punjabi boy & Tamil girl is so cliched and predictable through out. We, Tamilians have been subjected to the headache of viewing the same story thrice around the same time in "Poovellam Kaettuppaar", "Jodi" and "Minsara Kanna". Unfortunately this "2SOMM" will make the fourth version, so similiar is the incidents and screenplay. In the Chetan Bhagat's books there used to be an element of sarcastic humour but here it steps into racist arrogance at times. Example - When Krish gets down at Chennai Airport he finds everybody dark and pot bellied. And Chetan Bhagat fills with his cliched premarital sex episodes (so many sex scenes) and blackmailing the boss. Don't know when CB will come out of these repetitive stuffs. However the saving grace is his simple vocab, fluid writing style that never never you off at any point. Supposedly based on CB's own love story, I didn't like / enjoy what I read in the 260 pages but it might appeal some people.