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Male Chauvanist PigIt is a general notion that Indian male are MCPs (Male Chauvanist Pigs) even though henpecked. Bra burning feminists have a field day in claiming their righteous share from men. But as a normal & trying to be progressive husband, I feel that Indian women feel secure and comfortable in being "supressed" by their spouses. They can't handle their husband's respect for their space instead feel assured that they are being "noticed or considered" when they are restricted or ordered upon. Indian women don't know to gracefully accept the respect given to them, instead get a high in "claiming" them. Like most of the marriages I had seen around, at the age of 60's, my parents' marriage is a civil facade which is maintained for the sake of the society. May be my father was wrongly "taught" to keep the wife "under control" which didn't go well with my "assertive & really progressive" mother which lead to the state of not even acknowledging other's presence at the ripe age. Taking this as a lesson I tried to give my wife her breathing space, ample opportunities to be herself without hindering her personality but at the end of the day I realised that women like "ruling" & being "ruled", something like "Intermittent Reinforcement". That's why girls always fall for rapists and bad guys rather than a "perfect husband material". May be I too have to become a MCP to have a "normal Indian marriage" life!