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Vijay and me in YercaudNormally I don't want to see my Instant Messenger crowded with strangers, so I am too frugal in accepting new chat invitations even from the people I know already. Only stranger who made into my list and became a close friend was Ananya Akka. I don't know why I accepted Vijay's gtalk invitation on May 20th 2009, but it turned out to be one of the nice things in my life. I managed to meet when VJ was on vacation to India and even took him off for an outdoor trip to Yercaud. If looked from intellectual compatibility, we are different as chalk and cheese. This relationship equivalent to a marriage between a frog & rat but more than the logical relationship definitely there is a crackling chemistry between us. It is not that everything is a cakewalk for us. This goose won't be available when I try to reach him desperately / enthusiastically which used to upset me a lot but I later got used to it. Still overlook that aspect because of the way he floored me by taking the friendship to next level by involving the family members. Today I am more in love with his kid Adarsh ('Bummy' for me) than him. Happy anniversary Vijay... Hope to celebrate more anniversaries in coming years!!!-{oshits} reads!