Click the image to read furtherIt had been a while I had blogged and I can easily pass the blame on IELTS exam I took recently. (I am making excuses as if I was studying for 24 hrs a day for this exam). I am yet to receive the score and a lot depends on it because based on this only I can take further actions on my Australia immigration. Since I had taken TOEFL years back, naturally I tend to compare between these two. I enjoyed TOEFL very much than IELTS because of TOEFL's complexity - sentence patterns, grammatical errors in the sentence etc, which is absent in IELTS. I scored 90% in TOEFL then but if made to take it now I can't assure that score again. Am I am so critical about myself? Recently a psychiatrist told me the same...


Our organisation had tied up with a professional counselling body, so we the employees can avail free counselling. I simply called up and spoke to a counsellor because I normally enjoy exploring the human psychology. Towards the end of the conversation he said that I am too critical about myself and lack emotional connection and asked me to work on that aspect. I asked "What is emotional connection?". His explanation was "If you feel losing your "self" when you are with somebody, you don't have that self consciousness with somebody around, you have made an emotional connection with that person". He pointed put my narcisstic nature. When I asked how I can do that? He said "Stop asking / exploring how or why things work. When somebody asks you to do something just carry it. Don't try to reason everything in relationships". Let me stop this here.

I had just started my fourth Kerala mural - Shivakudumbam. If all goes well it may take a month or more to complete it. As usual this is also a reproduction of already existing painting, which is given below. I am retaining the subject but making changes in the background as well adding some sceneries to fill the wide canvas. I am looking forward to share the various stages of the same with you guys in coming days. I am also toying an idea of making a video blog on it's making but let me see how much it materialises. Oflate I am very guilty... Yes! Guilty is the right word.. that I am sidelining my other passion - Tanjore painting. It normally happens that if there comes a break, it just aggrevates and for Tanjore painting also it is the same. Hope I'll take up Tanjore painting soon.


Surprisingly I am getting unlucky with reading these days. After the emotionally taxing "Kurudhippunal" I wanted to read something feel good stuff. I started with "Mounaragam" - Gowri's translation of Yathannapoodi's Telugu novel, which was a typical feel good stuff. Half way through it, my sister who came for holiday started reading it and she left it at our native. I started another book - "Chathurangam", which is a Tamil translation of Rabindranath Tagore novel. Somewhere it also got lost. After this IELTS exam, now I am half way through with an Yandamoori's novel named "Thriller" (Again a Gowri's translation). Hope I complete this atleast soon.

My latest favourite song is "Adada Mazhai da.." from 'Paiyya'.... to be precise the last stanza sung by Shreya Ghosal. As you people know that I love the female voices more, there is no surprise why the last stanza was more appealing for me. I can say that this is the movie where Tamannah looked so good on screen... She was sensuous, sultry but not sexy. Not many girls can gracefully carry the outfit (bracier & inskirt type of dress) she was wearing. Even if she was slightly uncomfortable it would have shown her in vulgar manner. Tamannah, in that white dress towards the end of the song, was a livewire & sheer delight to watch. Way To Go, Tamannah!!! On the other hand, Karthi still seems going tough to get away from that rustic villager tag. In 'Paiyya' promos I felt that he looks like a village guy wearing stylish Jeans & Tees, rather than being a city bred IT guy. A long way to go for Karthi. Regarding Karthi... he reminds a lot of my another favourite - Prithviraj in his mannerisms - (those charming eyes & that lopsided smile) & dialogue delivery. Is there anybody agreeing with me?

The lines of the female voice in this song -

Adada mazhaida adda mazhaida,
Azhaga siricha anal mazhaida..
Adada mazhaida adda mazhaida,
Azhaga siricha anal mazhaida..
Pinni pinni mazhai adikka,
Minnal vanthu kudai pidikka,
Vaanam rendachu, bhoomi thundachu,
Yen moochu kaathaaley, mazhai kooda soodachu..
Iddiye neeti yaaro intha mazhaiye kaddika veynam,
Anaiya pottu yaaro yen manasa addaika veynam,
Kondaada kondaada, koothadi kondaada....

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