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BhramharamI am keeping tab of Blessy's movies ever since he had debuted with 'Kaazhcha' as director. Quite marred by a blemish of his career named 'Calcutta News', I expected a lot from his last venture - "Bhramaram". Bhramaram opens well with Mohanlal landing in the doorsteps of Suresh Menon's residence at Coimbatore and the intention of his visit is shrouded with mystery, told superbly without giving out the suspense. When his real identity is revealed towards the intermission we expect the movie to be a road movie as promoted in pre-release phase. But Blessy lets down his fans completely with a script ladened with potholes as the movie meanders meaninglessly and even the climax, even though stunning, is cliched. What saves the movie is the visual sheen lended by the superb frames / composition by cinematographer Ajayan Vincent and to the best he is the only soul to be benefitted from this movie. Mohanlal as a destiny battered individual is endearing and makes sure that his role - Shivan Kutty is in safe hands. The 'Bhramaram' (buzz of the bee) is used as the metaphor for Shivan Kutty's inner turmoil / violent streak and is shown unsettled towards the closing credits, which is fairly a normal ending. Barring Mohanlal, the only actor from the cast who catches your attention is VG Muralikrishnan as Dr. Alex. Bhumika Chawla & the child artiste fails to make the required impact in the flashback scenes. Talented Lakshmi Gopalswamy has nothing to do. Sadly I could see the quality of the director following a downward curve since his maiden venture. - {oshits} readers for this review!!!