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Vijay and meIt was a dream come true - Vijay visited our home with his family atlast. For past 7 months, ever since we had hit on through gtalk chats, we had been looking forward to meet each other's family. Like I had said, at this juncture of life, I am looking forward for friends who can take the friendships to family levels and Vijay met my expectations completely. I visited his house twice, he liberally introduced me to his parents, uncles, aunts and when when I took him to our home, he got along well with my mother. Today when he said that he is coming down with Meera and kids, I was bit apprehensive how the evening was going to be because I know Vijay for months but am a complete stranger to Meera and kids. But they surprised me with moving in as if they had been to their relations' home. Summing up - this affair and evening are there to remember. Some of the sweet moments we had shared are here for you guys.


Adarsh a.k.a Bummy

Adarsh - for some strange reasons I used to feel jealous about Adarsh for his innocent and endearing smile. There had been lot of insecurities whether he might get along with me or not and that could be a reason why I felt a sense of jealousy towards him. But today we got along so well and I couldn't resist kissing him often and needless to say - he is a sweet darling!!!


Till Samyukta opened up with us, she was clinging with Meera and playing something. But once we got along for a painting, she completely floored us - especially my wife Akila, who couldn't stop gushing about Sammu after they had left.


Adarsh is a photostat copy of Vijay and may be because of that I could feel so much of love for him.

Samyuktha with her painting

Samyukta with her nice painting wishing a Happy New Year.

Vijay and Aadhi

Vijay 'speaking' with Aadhi. Towards the end of the visit, Vijay spent a considerable time 'speaking' to Aadhi. Now Aadhi had started staring at people who talks to him, so he was engaged well by Vijay. A warm sight to see people who matters me bonding.

Just before leaving I and Vijay remembered that we hadn't shot any photo together yet. So we just shot ourselves with the camera facing us.

Boys gang!!! Do we need to say anything more????

Since I have applied for PR in Australia, which I expect to materialise by the mid of next year, Vijay and Meera had wished us seeing them again in Melbourne... Lets see what happens.