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Rajarajeswari MuralI have (almost) completed the Kerala Mural styled Rajarajeswari painting which Vasuki Ma'm had given for practise. Depending on my mood I may go for the designs in the dress of the Amman, but it is not mandatory. It was a long drawn and exhausting affair which I took it slowly and steadily. I am enclosing the series of "Work In progress" photos in this post, which I took while working on this painting. After doing this I felt that our madam had done the best by giving Lord Ganesha as our first painting because this really took much more work than what was needed for Ganesha. Even though the basic picture looked so plain I could feel that feel of mural appearing in various stages. And... I didn't bother to add my own or 'correct' the draft given by our Ma'm as I believe her draft completely. Atlast I have learnt to make paintings patiently rather than rushing through to see the final product as soon as possible.


At the risk of sounding rude, I normally don't get carried away by the "It is beautiful / bad" comments. I welcome healthy criticism, genuinely possible suggestions and more than anybody I am my worst critic. So when others see the best parts, I'll always cringe on the mistakes I had done. Even though I liked my work I feel that I shouldn't have made certain mistakes in the first place, which I am listing down.
Mistake No. 1 - The board finish was not done properly because of which the horizontal lines are visible in the face and in sometimes the paint was 'spreading' through the board's texture/lines. A bad choice of wall primer and least number of coats - 3 only.
Mistake No. 2 - While giving the yellow base I made it darker in the first wash itself, because of which the painting became dark and broody. Practically I realised the magic of evolving the colours through various washes of lighter shade. OK.. a valuable lesson learnt. After comparing with this I found the Ganesha of mine still more better ;-)
Mistake No. 3 - I am still struggling with the stippling technique. Every time I do it, it is a fluke. I had no control over whether it would turn out well or not. Towards the end of the painting I developed my own technique - first create the shades by washing. The make a lighter shade mixing with white colour and stipple it. Above that stipple with the darker shade. I know that it is a wrong technique but that worked for the moment.