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Hai Guys, Our Vasuki Ma'm is planning a Thangka Painting workshop, which is a Tibetian form of art with profound Chines influences thus forming an intresting convergence of cultures. The workshop is planned at her Eenjambakkam residence for 5 days (in her own words -' continous five days is not compulsory , you can attend it with break here and there if needed ') starting from 16th Dec '09 to 28th Dec '09. The workshop costs Rs. 3500/- inclusive of the materials. Having done a couple of workshops with her I can vouch for her that she sees to it that the participants were taught the background of the art, its finer details like style and strokes along with the techniques so that the participant understands why he/she is made to draw in such way. Our Kerala mural batch enjoyed some intresting conversations with her. Mrs. Vasuki can be reached directly through email at - (at) or by phone - +91-94448-01432. Incase you couldn't reach her, contact me through the contact form so that I will pass the contact details to her. - {oshits} views