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IPodWhen I got married on last year Nov 30th, there was a heavy deluge in Tamilnadu. May be because of that Aadhi also brought heavy rain along him when he was born. In one of the shuttles between the home and the hospital my iPod Touch got wet. I could see the display dying slowly. I resorted to the age old technique of burying the drenched phone / mp3 player in the dry rice. After 2-3 days when I took it out, the iPod seemed to be dead and refused to switch on. As a thumbrule operating the electronic items in wet state will lead to disaster, so I didn't dare to connect to PC. Anyway after that I got engaged with frequent trips to see Aadhi, painting class etc etc.. so I forgot about the iPod completely for 2 weeks. Atlast yesterday I took it to the Reliance iStore in Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, but they told that they don't have personnel equipped enough to service but offered to replace the piece if falling within the warranty. I was not having the details of its purchase and sensing my problem the service personnel asked me to try out charging again. I was so happy to see the screen coming alive when he docked the iPod in a speaker dock. After a 2 weeks rest & a complete charge now my iPod is back to working stage.. தலைக்கு வந்தது தலைப்பாகையோடு போயிற்று. So better be careful in handling iPods because of lack of proper personnel in Chennai. - {oshits} reads.