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Rome was not built in a day, so was my old version website that took years to become stable. Atlast now I am updated with the latest version of Joomla (V 1.5.15) and it took a lot of effort and testing to get the site live. Even though I have rushed through to meet the deadline, I have some more work leftout. The Mamblog section contributed by Meera, that foddered the gossip centric minds had been left out because of the ASCI/Unicode issues. I have to manually copy the articles from the old site backup and recreate them, so give me sometime. Coming to the downloads section, I had indexed the Comedy Dramas and have to list the Philosophical discourses / rest of the articles. My due apologies to Vijay / Ananya / Annamalai as I couldn't fetch their RSS feeds because of a problem with Joomla Library component called 'Simplepie' that dumps too much of data in the database. I promise to enable fetching their feeds once I get the solution for the issue mentioned. Also there is no need to register just for downloading the dramas. I am yet to find the best working template as I am facing problems with articles that have "Read More" contents and I promise to make your stay at my website enjoyable. There are miles to go regarding this and meanwhile I'll write a post on the technicalities involved with the upgradation process. Post your comments and suggestions to make this site better. - {oshits} readers!!!