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The problem with me is that I take big decisions with a snap of finger but for smaller decisions I think, think and think a lot. I am planning for an Australia migration and it took just few minutes to decide that "I am going to try my luck with Australian Immigration" but to migrate from my current (now obselete) Joomla v1.0 to Joomla 1.5X is a tough decision to make. I have been thinking of the same for past 1 year. Even though I like to upgrade myself to newer versions, the problem is that the site had become very voluminous to handle. So data migration is very tough and cumbersome. I did try my hand at it a couple of times before, but it didn't work out.

Why I want to move to Joomla v1.5?

1. Adding new functionalities (extensions) is a problem because new extensions are developed for Joomla v1.5X only. The extensions for Joomla v1.0 are slowly phased out. Whatever I have are being managed with the downloads from rapidshare only.
2. Same goes for new templates. I am having a tough time in finding quality templates for Joomla v1.0.
3. The Joomla Development team claims that it had entirely restructured the framework to load in fast & simple manner. So I hope there won't be much change in the next version upgrades. The further upgradations will be a problem if I don't move to Joomla v1.5X now.
4. Tamil Blogging is still more easier because the database is now enabled with direct unicode characters handling.

What are the extensions that tempt me?
1. Video Player
2. Library / Book Management system
3. Community Building website to enable more interaction

What are the extensions that hold me back from migrating to Joomla 1.5X?
There is no upgrade available for the following extensions. I got the commercial component 'Sidebar' in the rapidshare link. So new version is not available. If somebody sends me the download link for iJoomla Sidebars v1.52 in rapidshare / easyshare, or mail me the component if you have, it will be of great help for me.

1. First of all "{'moshits'}" plugin that displays the number of hits in the articles very dynamically.
2. Joomla SideBar - that displays the modules like "Random articles" and "adverts" in the article.
3. Latest News - Scroll item in the top.
4. Blog Calendar
5. Everybody's favourite 'Member Blogs" section had to be knocked off.

What more plans for the migration?

1. I want to drop the cinema reviews I wrote in the initial days.

2. Reduce the database size by removing the registered users. Anyway now registration is not necessary to download the media files & I don't know what to do with the database of users & their emails.

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