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It is really embarassing to write such posts, but the increasing indifferent attitude of people and the courtesy (lack of it) towards other human beings in the common amneties, make me write so. I really doesn't enjoy such cribbing posts, but somebody has to raise the voice. When these guys use the restroom, they don't bother to either lift the seat cover of the lavotary seat or wash it by spraying / using the water pipe, so that the next person as a courtesy. When the next person goes in, he is greeted by the soiled lavatory seat that irritates / infects his ass. Same goes for people who don't know which button to push for the elevator. If you press the upward button, the elevator will pick you during upward journey and down arrow for down journey. But many guys (that too educated) press the up arrow button "to invite" the lift from down floor and they want to travel down from that. This causes inconvenience for people when the elevator makes un-necessary stops. From the outside it may even make us laugh that a hill is being made out of the mole hill.

But I feel the issue is bit serious, especially all the people I am talking about are not illiterates but well educated, handsomely earning employed professionals. On the road when a twenty something guy drives rash, we can be able to shrug them off saying it was the "irresponsiblity of the youth", hoping that they can come around when they reach the mid part of the life. On the other hand when you see people of mid 30's - 40's doing the same thing, you tend to be surprise what age does for us? If we people doesn't mature and become socially responsible over the age, what kind of model are we setting ourselves for the generations to come? If this uncouth behaviour is what we are going to impart to the youngsters, then what all these school education, tuitions and moral science classes are about?

{mosimage}When people start thinking about themseleves alone, these kind of behaviours are bound to happen. If for a moment when we think of how we expect others to behave with us, we will definitely behave in a cultured way. Admitted that the world is getting ruthlessly competitive today, but that doesn't need on compromising on the human values, our behaviours and morals. Any competition doesn't teach people not to think of others. When a well educated, suave professional jumps the signal without guilty, when you recklessly park your vehicle diagonally taking up the space of two vehicle's parking lots, it doesn't augur good. It just shows their tendency - "Why the fuck I should bother about others, or the rules / practices?". Many times when I am being forced to cross the junction when the red light is still on (the traffic before and after me keeps moving that I find it impossible to stand stubborn that I'll wait for green signal), I really feel guilty while moving ahead.

I feel that the concept of over competitiveness and machination of the life had made people inconsiderate about others. When people think that they are running in a completion and whole world is against them to compete, it inculcates a sense of resent towards the society, so by the end of the day they start behaving "What if others are affected? I have saved my ass". But they fail (or don't want) to understand is that this perpetrated the society with an avalanche effect, thus spoiling the mindset of people in multiples and manifolds.

We all fail to understand is that we not need be a noble soul to bring change in our surroundings. It is very simple for us to be just ourselves to make our society a lovely place to live in. Just think the way you want yourselves to be treated like and treat others the same way. It doesn't really cost anything to be nice to others. As simple as that. I am well aware that this blog is not going to make much changes in the society, but it gives me a sense of satisfaction atleast that I am treating others the way I want to be treated in all the ways - whether it is wiping off the lavatory seat cover after I piss / avoiding unwanted pressing of elevator buttons / make sure that I park vehicles within the specified lines / not jumping the queues or being courteous to the people who serve me, atleast at the end of the day I have the guts / right to say the kids to behave properly. Above all... I lost nothing in being nice to others!!!! That matters a lot.

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