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Of late I am getting attracted towards the Kannada language. Even though I had an affinity for that language when I was in my school, somewhere I got an aversion towards the Kannada language and the state as well, majorly due to the hatred imbibed by the state's hard stand in the Cauvery issue. However over the years I realised that it was all because of the politicians and had nothing to do with the language or people as such. I visited Bangalore few times previously and started getting accustomed to the cosmopolitan culture of the city. Since I once tried to learn Telugu, I learnt those alphabets, and Kannada scriptures are very similar to Telugu, I can manage to make out in the city buses. Still I didn't get any "inspiration" to learn that language. But recently I saw "Milana" just for Parvathy and was looking forward to see her next movie "Mazhe Baraali Manju Iraali". Once I started hearing those songs and watched the subtitled version of Milana, I was able to pick up some new words. I learnt Malayalam this way only, so let me take the known route. I am listening to Kannada songs by Illayaraja with a vengence, learning the alphabets using 30 days book and drawing references from common words with Tamil. So for me Parvathy is to Kannada what Manju Warrier was for Malayalam. (In past I took an interest in Malayalam language only after I started watching Manju Warrier in Asianet). Hope I can get a good feel & command over the kannada language before the end of this year.- {oshits}