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PreyI took up this novel on the suggestion of our Chef, Vijay and I enjoyed every bit of this Michael Chrichton's 2002 novel. What held me towards the novel was its intriguing start.. a Nanotech engineer Jack Forman is relegated to a full time husband, with his wife Julia's changing attitude making Jack doubt whether she is into any extra marital affairs. He joins her company Xymos on an urgent basis and has lot of shocks in store for him. This book is a beautiful blend of Biology, Engineering and Electronics. You need not be a technical guy to understand this book, but even a layman like me can be able to relate to. While reading I remembered many concepts I had read in school like mutation, symbiosis and I got an idea / insight about nanotechnology. Since the novel was told by Jack in first person, the novel takes a re approach instead of being non committal. The novel is a page turner right from the page 1 with the emotional contents making the page move in the first half and the encounters with the dangerous swarms moving the pages fast in the second half. Michael Chrichton had done his research seriously and it shows in the Bibliography section. A honest effort to blend information with entertainment. While reading Michael Chrichton I remembered a lot about Tamil writer Late. Sujatha's style especially with the way they educate their readers. Now I am planning to read as much Michael Chrichton's works as possible. This is the first book I read it in pdf completely. While I was going to Salem last weekend standing on the crowded train, I couldn't resist reading this book in my iPod touch's screen and I didn't move a bit here and there for 5 hours. I was engaged so much by this novel.