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Today our chef had made Mushroom rice... Looks simple to make and I am planning to try that tommorrow. There was a funny incident with Vijay. One day he said that he searched downloaded a new recipe for mustard greens because his colleague had given him some mustard greens. I made fun of Vijay that the guys should exchange books, DVDs and some porns, not these kind of items. I asked him to give his friend's email id so that I'll advice him what the guys MUST exchange. Ofcourse I asked for fun but Vijay didn't give. I cajoled him that I am looking for new friends, so let me make that guy as new friend, so that it will be fine for Vijay. But this chef didn't give the mail id till last. He said that he wouldn't give that guy's mail id because he wanted that guy to give mustard greens only to him (vijay)... Grr!!! Such a possessive guy is our chef. I told Vijay to space between the posts he uploads because I can't post all the recipes together.. and this post is reproduced here after 3-4 days.


1 cup of Cooked Rice
1/2 kg of Mushrooms
2 Onions
2 Green Chillies
A piece of Ginger
1 tbsp of Black Pepper.
4 tbsp of Oil.
Salt to taste.


1. Clean the Mushrooms and slice them into thin strips. (You can include the stalk as well).
2. Cut the Onions into thin strips and reserve.
3. Grind the chillies and ginger ( I prefer to grind them so that it blends with the food and kids don't need to pick on them).
4. Heat the oil in a kadaai and add the chilly/ginger paste.
5. Saute it and then add the onion strips.
6. Saute the onion strips until they are well cooked and then add the sliced mushrooms.
7. Sprinkle salt over it and mix it thoroughly.
8. Keep stirring it on and off. (The mushroom releases lot of water and you need to be patient until all the water almost dries up.)
9. In the mean time, spread the cooked rice in a wide vessel and let it cool.
10. Break the pepper into tiny bits and add this to the mushroom and mix well.
11. Simmer for couple of more minutes and switch of the gas.
12. Scoop out a ladleful of the the cooked mushroom and spread it on the cooled rice.
13. Add as much as u need for the cooked rice and mix the rice slowly so that the rice doesn't break.
14. Check for salt and add more, if required.
15. Warm it up in microwave when ready to eat and serve. (Best part with this rice is that it doesn't need any accompanients.)

Vijaykrishnan's recipes can be accessed at his Vijay's Kitchen Corner

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