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I was able to see this Revathy directed movie in bits and pieces earlier on TV, but got the chance to see it fully recently only. Media reported that this was a plagarised version of Tom Hank starrer "Philadelphia". I haven't seen that movie, so it doesn't matter to me. A nice and sensitive movie - that sums up everything about this movie. Revathy being an actress herself had managed to extract the best from everyone involved in the casting. It can be rated as the best in Shilpa Shetty's career and the biggest surprise is that Revathy had made the impossible a possible - Salman Khan had ACTED well sans his usual eccentricities!!! But towards the end you can't stop lauding Mita Vashist's menacing perfomance as smooth talking cunning lawyer as well as the stern faced Kitty. Abhishek was a revelation and it is pity that the critics gave his natural performance a miss. Nasser and Kamalinee Mukherjee (her debut) had supported the rest cast well. The seriousness of the issue (HIV +ve) and the society's apathy / myths towards the victims are sensitively handled by Revathy.

Everything associated with the execution of this movie are so exceptional - whether it is the Art Direction of Ravi or poetic cinematography of Ravi Varman or even the Shilpa's Plain Kurta styled costumes by Anu Sundaram. Bhavadharini Illayaraja's background score had complemented well and it was warming to see the all South Indian crew behind it in the ending credits. The United Nations (UN) hailed this movie for creating an awareness about HIV in India. My long time wish of seeing this movie was fulfilled by Moserbaer's Super DVD collection featuring this movie along with Salman - Revathy starrer 'Love' / "Jab Pyar Kissi Se Hota Hai" and is available for pittance, just Rs. 27/-

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{mosimage}Another film I saw from the Mosebaer DVD collection is "Fashion". If there is anybody other than its director Madhur Bhandarkar, who had to be credited for its success, it is Priyanka Chopra who played its protagonist. The film belongs to her completely. Her dedication towards playing the role of a small town girl aspiring to become a super model can be seen the way her physical appearance changes from a plump middle class jane to (near) size zero model. Priyanka breathes life to the role that easily could have become a melodrama queen. Considering her tacky appearance in "Thamizhan", Pritanka had definitely come a long way. Post Madhuri Dixit / Kajol / Tabu generation, PC is the only heroine who can carry a film on her shoulders. She deserved all the accoaldes and compliments for the movie. Considering the technical finish of Bhandarkar's movies, this wears the sheen of a magnum opus. Bhandarkar's success is that it manages to give an insight about the fashion world that can be understood even to layman like us, especially the concepts of Showstopper Model. Like casting couch for tinsel world, Fashion exposes the murky underbelly of gay designers, who make theirs preys from the vulnerable male models. Kangana Ranaut gets too repetitive, Arjan Bajwa is a nice eye candy, Mughda Godse takes a while to get registered in our minds. As usual Bhandarkar takes a middle class perspective in this movie. The movie can be understood by everybody who need to handle success and failures in life.

{mosimage}And... another movie I saw this weekend was "Aamir". Just a wonderful edge of the seat thriller... that too focussing on the single character played superbly by TV star Rajeev Khandelwal. It is about Aamir, a muslim NRI doctor who is returning back to India, with the dreams of getting his parent's approval for marrying his sweetheart - a Hindu girl. But in the airport itself his luggages are stolen, and he is handed a mobile phone by a couple of mysterious people. His life is dictated by an unknown caller on the other end who has Aamir's family as hostage. This short yet realistic movie is about the day of Aamir and why he was the chosen one. It is certainly a movie for discerning audiences, that's why it became a multiplex hit. The movie is so realistic and it had been shot in the authentic locations itself reminding of Ram Gopal Varma's classic 'Satya'. However the movie falls into the cliche of one more Jihadi movie and the question "What you are going to do for the muslim community?" is more often heard in the mainstream movies. Despite this shortcoming, "Aamir" is in the list of "MUST WATCH". Never mind whether "Aamir" is the plagarised version of Filippino movie "Cavit" (2004), "Aamir" definitely has its moments.

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