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I love reading the chat transcripts of some of my close friends, reliving the sweet moments again. However when I opt for the voice chat, there is no 'record' or facility to relive those moments. When I googled for that I stumbled upon this piece of software with crack. We can 'record' the gtalk voice chats using the vEmotion. The trial version of this vEmotion limits the recording to 3 minutes only. So I searched the net for alternate options and there are many but all were costing above $30. The intense search for an alternate freeware or a crack resulted in downloading the full version of vEmotion along with the crack itself.... Voila!!! I can now record the sweet conversations of gtalk and preserve them... You also can do the same by following this tutorial.

Download the software from the following link

1. Unzip the file first with WinRar
2. Install the software.
3. Towards the end, "Uncheck" the "Run VEmotion now" and then click "Finish".
4. From the unzipped folder, look for the "vEmotion.exe" file in the crack.
5. Copy the same and paste it in the C:/Program files/freebird/vEmotion. It will ask for permission to overwrite. Press "Yes" and overwrite.

1. Enable Recording. Only then your IM (Instant Messenger) chats will be recorded.


2. Define the place where the recordings have to be saved and its format. I suggest that you save as mp3 files because of its low space consumption. Since the chats have only voice, a high bitrate is not needed. So a bitrate of 32 KBPS is more than enough to record the voice chats.


Now your vEmotion version is a real one with unlimitted recording time. - {oshits} readers for this tutorial