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This post is about two blogsites I came across recently and I am amazed about them. One is called "Sayagi Speaketh " (http://sayagispeaketh.blogspot.com) from Bala, my brother-in-law, as a mouth piece for my new born niece Dhanya Sayaki. He is trying to document her life on web right from the moment she was born but what is intresting is that how he manages to put himself in the newborn's shoes and think from her persprective. Till now there are just 3 posts but each outdoes itself. Simply stunning!!! Another one is from a fellow blogger named Annamalai. His blogs surprisingly seems to be the extension of my thoughts.. may be the small town sensibilities go together. His blog is named after his native called "Manipuram " (http://manipuram.blogspot.com). The more I read his blogs, more I feel familiar about him. There is a certain neutralness & earthiness in his words and a simplicity in his thoughts that makes the readers think and feel for themselves. I got in touch with Annamalai, planning to meet by this weekend and just hoping that it should turn to be a memorable journey. Till then when time permits, just take a peek on these blogs... you'll definitely agree with me- {oshits} readers for this