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Dubai AirportIt is a strange feeling while I am typing this blog flying 35000 feet above the sea level in an Indian Airlines flight. It is a welcome relief travel, much relieved than my previous travels of the annual vacations, and feeling great to be back at home with my family. While approving this ticket my Account manager asked me whether I wanted to postpone this ticket to some other flight at the later part of the same day, but I was thinking like "Even if I have to travel in standing, I want to travel by this time itself" and thankfully he approved it to my convenience. Leaving Dubai was a bittersweet feeling because I am hurt that I couldn't spend much time with my cousin and friends. However best part of the whatever little interactions we had was - that against my fears / apprehensions, the spouses of my cousin and friend bonded seamlessly with me... got two more sisters for myself as extended family. Travelling in Indian Airlines was not that bad as people made it out, but one thing I wished was - The airhostess' should have played their age gracefully, else it was scary to look at their heavily done faces in their early 40s. To kill the time, I am going through the random chat transcripts of mine with Vijay, which are so intimate & lively also lovely, putting many smiles in my face and I acknowledge that this relationship had cushioned me a lot against the on-site pressure. God is always nice to me that he introduces new people in my life at various stages of my life and everybody had helped me in many ways. Thank you Kadavule..... End of Dubai Diary posts!!!! {oshits} reads.