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Thirakkadha (Screenplay) is quite an apt title that 'we all live our lives like actors who are not briefed their roles and acting under a directionless director'. I wanted to watch this movie for a long but it was destined for me to be watched in Dubai with my friend. The movie was supposed to be based on the affair of Kamal Hassan and Sri Vidya in 70's. The story is about the search by Akki (Prithviraj) for Malavika (Priyamani), once demi Goddess on screen and the startling facts he comes across during his research. In the zenith of her career Malavika had married AjayChandran (Anoop Menon) and gave up her glorious career. Their marriage breaks and Malavika fades into oblivion. What happened to her? The story has strong resemblences of Sri Vidya and the ending had been tweaked because the 'other party' is still alive and famous. This is the only jarring factor of this otherwise well made movie. Priyamani pitches in an award winning performance, especially after when she resurfaces. Regarding Priya's performances, one could wish that the 'age factor' & 'illness factor' should have been considered. A stellar performance indeed. Prithviraj's intensity in his eyes and sensibility echoes in his performance through out. Again an effortless performance by Prithvi. Anoop Menon as Ajaychandran is a welcome addition. - {oshits} readers