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{mosimage}A couple of days back I was talking to the 'minda poochi' Rishad in our office. A very quite guy, with a smiling face, sat for a chat that evening. I asked him how the life in UAE was? He answered negative that here the life is pretty mechanical. According to him, after slogging in the office he just goes to his room and sleeps, so life is gloomy and boring with no happiness. I told Rishad that this is the same comment people even back in India says, so it is an universal phenomenon. So don't blame Dubai alone for your unhappiness. Then I asked him to tell what makes him happy actually. He thought for a while and said that he didn't know what will give him happiness, but he is not happy. I probed into his past like his extra curricular activities during school and college days.

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Rishad opened up slowly saying that he loved reading when in school, especially detective novels so much, that his mother used to scold him for the heavily reading habits other than the text books. I asked Rishad whether reading taking up reading might help him in this situation? He said that after a long office hours he is returning to the room all exhausted that reading comes the last.

Somewhere this problem exists for everybody and everywhere. Most of the time we are all so engrossed that we don't even stand and think that what keeps us happy, but we keep on cribbing that life is dull and monotonous. Admitted that the professional life is very important as it is the bread winner and a strong foundation to carryout all our whims and fancies.

My policy is simple and self centered. Suppose you get hit by a vehicle while crossing the road and doctor declares that you'll be living for just an hour from now. What will go in your mind for that 60 minutes? Other than happy for your achievements, you'll regret for all the things you have missed in life. You might have thought of taking your friends somewhere for a very long time but couldn't have materialised.. sort of regrets. The company which employs you will definitely try to compensate for your losses and after a while you'll be replaced with somebody else to do the work you have been doing for a long time. The work must go on. At the end of the story you'll end up not living your life. This is certainly not to belittle any of the professionals' hardworks, but just to illustrate that there should be a fine balance between the work and self pursuits.

I fiercely protect my personal space as well as time despite all the worldly pressures. Even though the time I take for myself may vary, but I make sure that atleast 10-20 minutes go for doing things that gives me an immense pleasure. I never mind even if it fetched me the sobriquet of a snob, because I just live my life. May be because I never aspired bigger in power or position, I bring very less of professional workload back home and have a peace of mind doing the things I love to do. In the process I have even distanced myself from the hardworking colleagues of mine, but no regrets.

Oflate I am majorly into reading and I made a soap sculpture of Goddess Saraswathy amidst the tight work schedules. These are just my way of destressing myself. Some take alcohol to rejuvenate themselves in the weekends, and I get my share of highs and 'kick' in reading and other form of arts. Simple...

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