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Recently posted an article on the dismal show of Vidyasagar this year. It also had raised concerns about Vidyasagar's future in this 'Nakka Mukka' generation. We have to admit that Vidyasagar is going through a rough patch, his creativity running out by rehashing his old tunes and malayalam works. They say success and failure defies everything... Some of the nice songs of Vidyasagar is going unnoticed. This playlist has the collection of Vidyasagar's recent songs, that lives true to his reputation - Melody maker. We just hope that Vidyasagar bounces back with soulful songs without buckling to the peer pressures. All the best Vidya!!! My playlist contains the melodies from Abhiyum Naanum, Raman Thediya Seethai and (undeserving flop) Alibaba.

My personal favourites are Va Va En Devadhaiye (Abhiyum Naanum) which tells about the love of a father towards his daughter, Pudhiyaparavai (Alibaba) which is technically superior with Sujatha throwing some sensuousness to the song and ofcourse Mazhai nindra (Raman Thediya Seethai) which I recently wrote down and mucked...

{oshits} listeners to this playlist...