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TeensWhen the children grow they are like dogs, they are happy with the touch, hugs and kisses, excited to have the masters (parents) around. Their whole activity is centered the parents. When they enter the teens, they become cats. the prefer to stay aloof, suspicious of everybody, harbour secrets. The more you try to reach them, more they become wild. Around 20-22 years they come back as dogs, altogether a new individual, making you surprised whether this is the same kids.


A nice interesting theory I came across in NDTV's "One Life to Love" and the topic was about Teens vs Parents. It was an interesting programm that kept me hooked thoroughly. I remembered the tough days I gave my parents in my late teens. I was a wild cat. Once I went to job, I came back to them as a lovely dog. Today I giggle more with my parents than any of my friends.

Some years back Shenbaga akka asked me to speak to my cousin Sathish, who was in his +1. He was a wild cat then, rebelling much. I tried to speak to him drawing my mistakes as references but after that there became a 'generation gap' between us. After few years, when my niece Indhu came to +2, I consciously avoided advising her / meeting her. Now she is doing her (Printing Tech) and when we caught up on my Siruvani Trip, we had a blast. She is now back as a dog.

That proves my policy of not meeting the cousins / nieces in their +1/+2. May be a couple of years later I must keep myself away from other nieces Madhu & Meera. Also when we meet somebody from +1,+2 we tend to become preachy. 'Do this... Do that'. The theory says that teens hate hearing long sentences. So whatever lecture we give they hate hearing it. We get offended that they are not heeding to our 'advices'.

As long as we are sure that the teens are not straying, better leave them in their own world. If you notice them meandering in a wrong territory, then speak little but sensible. Once they become mature individuals, they'll return back as a new person.