{mosimage}SShit!!! Sometimes I take much time to catch up with some good movies. Today I came early and chose to watch 'Chak De! India' much long time after gettings its DVD. Man! It is really a cult classic that opened up a genre of sports films in Bollywood. Sharukh Khan at his best non SRK performance. Nice that he stepped down letting the girls take the spotlight. Among the girls I liked Preethi Sabarwal, Komal Chautava, Balbir Kaur and Vidya Sharma (all screen names). If the girls getting a standing ovation from their opponent team had my hair raising, the scene where Komal passes the ball to Preethi in the finals match really made my day. I had tears of joy in my eyes, whistled and clapped during that scene. The team building scenes were so warming that no wonder Bal Thackrey sent all his staffs to watch Chak De! India for getting that message. Again no matter who did the SRK's role, this movie would have stayed afloat on its own merits. After seeing this, 'Goal' is definitely a cliched scrap.

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