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{mosimage}Had we really become scandulous that we don't (or hate to) take notice of the simple and warm things around us? Being good to the core and sticking to traditional values is fastly becoming the state of insane. This is exactly what struck my mind when I saw the "slandering" reviews of the latest Bollywood blockbuster "Vivah". May be it came amidst of the adultries and skimply claded sluts, it looked out of place. But its success shows that no matter how fast today's life had become, everybody likes to treasure those tender moments and family values. I got the DVD 3-4 days back and I had already seen it 4 times fully.
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Sometimes we feel good to see those good & nice hearted souls onscreen (when we don't come across such people in our life more often), when we see those tender moments we wish "God! Had they happened to me..", thus taking us to a world of fantasy where there is good, good and good alone. "Vivah" glorified such a humble living in a small town where people are blessed with simplicity (ignorance in the terms of metro-ites) and belief in relationships. I simply loved "Vivah". 

Vivah is about the sweet and memorable period of courtship between the engagement & marriage. It is all about the commitment and respect for the bonds of relationships. It manages to capture all those tender moments involved in building a relationship. Every moment in the movie is subtle that I found the movie unfolding new layers everytime I saw the movie again & again.

The story, which is a modern update of Cindrella, is wafer thin and completely relies on the on screen chemistry between the lead pair. The movie starts and movies in the Poonam's perspective making it a girlish movie, a sensitive one. Poonam (Amrita Rao) after the demise of her parents is brought up by her uncle (Aloknath). But her aunty Rama (Seema Biswas) is jealous of Poonam because of her overshadowing beauty over her dusky daughter Rajni a.k.a Choti (Amrita Prakash). The elders arrange her marriage with Prem (Shahid Kapoor) a cool dude. The young pair gets their courtship period of 6 months. On the day of marriage, the tragedy occurs and the relationship / occassion is now in question.

The movie has a lot of tender moments that puts honey sweet to shame, especially almost all the scenes of Amrita Rao & Shahid Kapoor. The best among them was the "tug of rope" scene. Simply wonderful & romantic. I felt the bonding between the uncle and the girl equally powerful. The traditional "Bhabhi - Devar" relationship in all Suraj's movies is conspicuous yet subtle here.

{mosimage}The screen play just doesn't bother about the commercial dicta but just tries to capture as much as memorable moments possible within the permitted time. Some times you feel that slag, especially in the first half but Amrita & Shahid's screen presence makes up for it. It is not about just Amrita & Shahid, but equally important role of brother & sister-in-law played by Sameer Soni & L. May be because the story took its own time to strike an emotional chord with the viewers, the climax just tugs your heart strings. When I watched the movie for the second time, I was translating the dialogues for my mom, towards the end of the movie I felt that lump in my throat that the words didn't flow that easy. My mom was sad that things happened that way for the parentless girl who deserved more happiness in her life. I think this is what the director Suraj R. Barjathya wanted.
{tab=Page 2}{mosimage}Amrita Rao is the lifeline of the movie and it solely rides on her tender shoulders. Amrita looked ravishing with her fresh skin that makes you feel as if she just stepped out of the showers through out the time. She looks stunning and coy in plain churidars. I fell in love with her after seeing the movie. Like me, I am sure many guys must have told their mothers to look for a girl like Amrita. She is a dream for every guy and I feel such souls rarely exist in this planet. Her soft spoken ways, underplayed emotions and a voice that reminds of Sri Devi, Amrita makes you gasp that she is one of the most under-rated actress who deserves more media attention. My mom's comment was "Shahid was wonderful".

Shahid just slips into the role like glove. Since I haven't seen any of his earlier movies, I can't compare with his other performances. Among the supporting cast, I felt Seema Biswas very effective. She gave a restrained performance with lesser dialogues but manages to bring that menacing quality in her eyes and body language. Amrita Prakash as "Choti" makes her presence felt but it is the child Poonam who comes during the credits rolling stays in your heart for long. Baby Mariyam Qadri (or Aditi?) is just infectious. A scene where the kid watches Seema Biswas applying make-up for choti with a longingness in her eyes, realisng that Seema Biswas closes the door and the expression of the kid that had fear, disappointment and falls asleep in the aisle brought tears in my eyes. That kid is really heart warming.

{mosimage}The biggest let down for the movie is its music. Some of the songs that sounded OK in the CD pales when it comes on screen. However the best of the lot is "Mujhe Haq hai..", where Poonam & Prem spend sometime away from the eyes of the elders before leaving. The innocense and intense romance in the voice of Udit Narayan & mellifluous Shreya Ghosal works wonders for this song. Other than this song, I could remember any other song barring "Milan abhi aadha adhura hai..", that too because of the scenes between Amrita & Shahid. The background score is good at sometimes.

Even after this article turning long, I couldn't write everything I wanted to convey. Just watch the movie once without a prejudice of outdated, you'll surely end up pressing the "play" button again and again. {/tabs}