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It had been a long unfulfilled dream of visiting Hampi ever since I heard about in my 8th standard and it was finally realised in Feb 2014, when I visited the place along with my kid brother Vaithy. BTW Vaithy is no more a kid because he in the process of producing a kid in next few months. Visiting a historical place will be more enjoyable when you have a companion who is also equally passionate as you.

We stayed in Hampi for 2 nights and 3 days and we both were completely blank about how to approach the monuments. On the first day we took a cycle only to realise that we both were not physically fit to cover that uneven terrain by cycle. We puffed, panted and gasped a lot with sweat and managed more than half of the places that day just by walking.

The next day we took a TVS 50 for rent and covered the monuments that were located in the outskirts of the heritage town. Still we missed Anjanadri but chose Matanga hills instead to get a glimpse of the most beautiful sunset we have ever witnessed.

I revisited Hampi on June 2014 with my family and a gang of nieces along with my favourite friend Sathiesh Kumar. I wanted Sathiesh in this trip because of his keen eye for architectural beauty and who could give me company while the girls were busy in clicking selfies among themselves being oblivious to the architectural wonders that are scattered across the historical town of 30 km circumference. Man... every stone in that heritage town carries a history and a legacy associated with that. In the second trip we stayed for 4 days but still I hadn't got enough of Hampi.

It had been more than two years and I long for visiting Hampi again. Because of the current ongoing project's dragging completion date, I am unable to finalise a date to visit in leisure. But still I am visiting Hampi almost everyday... thanks to the film songs shot on those heritage sites. Last year the ASI (Archeological Society of India) had decided to stop allowing the cinema shooting in these locations as most of the songs shot are in vulgar taste. So some songs for you to take a virtual trip to Hampi are below:-

1. Anbe En Anbe - Mounam Pesiyathe
Locations covered: Zenana Mahal, Steps Lake, Mahanavami Dibba, foundation site behind Hazara Rama temple, Lotus Mahal, Elephant stable (most of the songs in the last 3 sites), compund of Vittala temple.

2. Adi Nernthukittein - Star
Locations covered: Vittala Temple (major part of the song here), Vali cave, Coronation temple and the boat place, Queen bathing place in the Lotus mahal, Mahanavami Dibba steps, Elephant stable, Hemakuta temple complex with Virupaksha temple in the backdrop.

3. Theendai, mei theendai - En Swasa Kaatrae
Locations covered: starts at Virupaksha temple, then Elephant stable, museum corridor at Lotus Mahal, Hemakuta temple complex, Mahanavami Dibba, 1000 steps lake.

4. Kairegai pola thaan kadhal - Ninaithathu Yaaro
Locations covered: Iniya's portions are done in Virupaksha temple, Lotus Mahal, Bazaar street opposite Krishna temple and the lead pair's portions done in Pattadakkallu near Badami.

5. Rajagopuram - Pudhiya Theerangal (malayalam)
Locations covered - Majorly in the Hemakuta complex, Krishna temple Bazaar street, Narasimha temple, Lotus Mahal, Mahanavami Dibba steps, 1000 steps lake.

I'll surely visit Hampi in the first half of 2017. I am sure that the moment I land there, it is like the hometown for me where I can manouvere as if I am born there. Till then... Hampi will always be in my dreams.

Images Order
1. Hemakuta Complex entrance
2. Panoramic view of Hemakuta Complex with Virupaksha Temple in backdrop
3. Vaali Cave
4. Vittala temple
5. Krishna Temple Bazaar
6. Mahanavami Lake
7. 1000 steps lake
8. Lotus Mahal
9. Elephant Stable
10. Queen bath watch tower
11. Sunset from Madhanga Hills
12. Old Bridge

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