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AnanthasayanamHai Guys... It had been a while I had updated my blogs and not that I had abondened it. Change of residence to Bangalore proved as deterrent to blogging. An unusual worktime (UK Shift) that disturbs a lot with my creative evenings is the major reason, which is further compounded by a serious creative block. This block is the reason why my blog oflate is becoming like a personal diary. It had been sometime I had read the books I bought with love from the Chennai Book Fair. Also I seriously miss travelling because of the on going wood work at home. So I was catching up with the missed out movies like a maniac on weekends - 2 per night (Kandein Kadhalai, Unnai Pol Oruvan, Nadodigal, Ishqiya) so life is quite erratic and I hope that it will take sometime for me to get settled to this timings.

Only silverline of this dark cloud is that I had started my third Kerala Mural - Anantha Sayanam, which had been my dream painting for a while. However the best part of this rough patch is that I am able to spend more time with my kid Buttu Singh (Aadhithya) till noon and making my parents settling down a relatively simpler process. Like any phase I am just waiting for this phase to "pass by" soon.

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