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Click the image to read furtherThis weekend was a bitter sweet one as I went all the way to Chennai on 23rd just to bid good bye to Vijay who was leaving to Melbourne on the next day and came back that same night as our house warming ceremony was planned for 25th. Now you understood why I meant this weekend as bitter sweet. Call it co-incidence or irony, I left Chennai by the time Vijay had reached Chennai. So whenever possible we met each other on weekends. Last weekend I went to Chennai to attend his father's 'Bheemaratha Shanthi' but couldn't make it to the venue due to fever with the fear of transmitting it to others in a get together like that. Coming to sweeter part of the weekend, after a long time we had our cousins, nieces and nephews assembled at our Bangalore residence for the house warming function on Sunday. Expectedly the function went on very well with loads of fun, noise, laughter and finally we had settled down in Bangalore. It is still to sink in me that I had finally become a resident of Bangalore. I would love share both the bitter & sweet memories with you all through this post.

Vijay's Home

There were few moments to cherish on.. I feel very comfortable with his family members.

1. Vijay's wife Meera asked whether I have the liberty of putting hands around Vijay's shoulder and waist, tickle him for which I answered positive. She said that then I should be called his first wife and she is relegated to second. While stepping out of their house she told me to visit Vijay's house whenever possible irrespective of Vijay's presence because it is like my "in-laws" house... You must see Vijay blushing embarassingly... really lovely moment.


2. Little Adarsh was quite touchy when I visited them last weekend. But this time the play of "making him climb the wall" made the trick. He got comfortable with me and we even read the small novel - Pepe, Suzi and Madame Gazelle going to the mountain in school bus. By the time I was leaving, he got so cozy with me. I used to say Vijay that I am in love with Adarsh more than him. Why do all kids get along only at the time of bidding good bye?


3. Vijay's family built a Lord Rama Sannidhi at the Raghavendrar temple and it was a family affair. One day Vijay told me that he had taken the liberty of putting Rs. 500/- in my name. During this last visit I gave him the money, at that time he said that it is a family temple and since he is considering me as a family member, he said that he had put in my name. I was quite touched.

4. Since I was shuffling between the company guest house in Bangalore, our new home being made up and every weekend travels to Chennai I couldn't prepare any gift for Vijay. On her visit to our house Meera casually asked whether I can make a Tanjore painting for them. Due to lack of time I just made a semi finished Radha Krishna in soap for them.


5. Even in the last minute I had this feelings of insecurity creeping in. I wanted to visit Vijay's home but he insited on meeting at GK Vale and then proceeding for lunch at Movenpick, Nungambakkam. He was saying that some other friend is coming for dinner. So I thought that he is trying a balance act and got bit upset. I had planned a visit to his house after lunch, later making my way to Bangalore. But post lunch he persuaded me to go home and come to their house by evening. Reluctantly I agreed and reached his house late by an hour, only to find that his friend had come and left by early evening itself. So I lost a pretty 1 hour in that insecure delaying and subsequently a part of the beautiful evening.

6. By the time Vijay dropped me in the Aminjikkarai bus stop, overwhelmed by the emotions of parting, I wanted to hug him tightly that too bang in the middle of the road. But to avoid the poor chap from second embarassment, I just put my hands around his shoulder and pressed tightly. I don't know when / where I will meet him again but whatever interactions we had through physical meeting and phone calls, it is definitely an affair to remember and cherish in the long run.

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